Warren Virginia Heroin Laws

Do you need defense lawyer for Heroin offense? The Warren Virginia Heroin Laws prohibit the transportation, sale and possession of small amount of drugs especially heroin. If someone is caught in possession of 200mg may face the punishment of the one year in prison and 2000 dollars as fine. The penalties can be higher for high amount of heroin. On the other hand, court gives minimum punishment of one year for the first time. For the repetition of the crime, the court gives harsh sentence of punishment that can be five years of imprisonment and 5000 dollars of the fine.  The transportation, sale and possession of more than two grams the fine will be 1000,000 dollars and twenty year of imprisonment. For repeat offender the fine and penalties can double.

Warren Virginia Laws

The offenders face harsher punishments for distributing and selling heroin. For the distribution the ladder starts at maximum 75,000 fine and three years of imprisonment. For the sale of the heroin the maximum fine is 100, 000 dollars and 5 years in the prison. On the other hand, distributing and selling heroin of one gram is a crime that contains the sentence of 20 years jail sentence and one million dollars fine. Court is very strict about the offence of selling to school grounds and minors. Offender starts out facing 10 years imprisonment and 250,000 dollars fine. The repeat offender faces double sentences. It depends on the particular case as well as quality of the legal counsel and sentencing judge. The Warren Virginia Heroin Laws are very harsh for the offenders.

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