Trying to Answer the Question ‘Do Misdemeanor Sex Offenders have to Register’

The topic and question regarding the subject matter ‘do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register or not’ does confuse people and continues to provoke serious concerns among law enforcement agencies, policymakers, researchers, lawyers, attorney, prosecutors and correctional personnel. The word misdemeanor may apply to the fact of a minor or small unlawful wrongdoing. So now the question arises that, do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register for the criminal penalties or not?

With the lack of improvements made in the broad community responses to sex offenders, there can be much confusion to determine about the question ‘do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register’ for the criminal penalties same as the sex offenders or not. There are perhaps a few concerning issues that garner such responses from public or political influences than that of the law while addressing the issues related to sex offenses. Sex offenses may be considered as those offenses that are wrong in a moral sense, considering the cultural standards and morals. However, with the present situation of the law policies and practices related to sex offenders, substantial profound attention are given in the public media and with the nature of the offense, it further ignites and facilitates public responses that often serve and exert pressure on political decisions, without the concrete presence of substantial research and evidence.

So, do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register or not, becomes the entire responsibility of the court, the prosecutor and the lawyer. Many offenders who felt guilty while speaking at their prosecution, associated with prison time, considered the misdemeanor sex offenders also do qualify to register as they felt that the court might not sentence a defendant to prison in spite of the initial sex offence or with the final charges.

Misdemeanor sex offenders do register, considering that during the process of determining an initial charge, it becomes a very important component to get the notions of retributive justices. If the law punishes people for certain crimes, then the rehabilitative justice can apply for misdemeanor sex offenders too where they must be sort out to rehabilitate their criminal actions and notions, so that they can contribute productively to the society, without all the criminal personality traits.

In Cases of Sex Offenders

On a serious note, sex offense case where judges and persecutors are determined ‘do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register’ or not, depending on retributive justice. Sex offenders whether relating to felony or misdemeanor, belong in prison for a time. There can be reasons to it, firstly; they need to be punished for their act of sex offence, secondly, the other part relates to the healing process as the law needs them to be out of the society for a while. They need them out of the society until they can hopefully get some treatment. There can be a various treatment which can help them to face their potential problems relating to sexual urges or tendencies, in which a certain prison time can help them to overcome them. So, do misdemeanor sex offenders have to register or not, depends on the registry on the sex offense itself as it contributes as a factor in the plea negotiation processes. It is the most salient feature in the demarcation between a felony and the misdemeanor. Sometimes there are cases where the prosecutor is not really that concerned whether they plea to a felony or a misdemeanor. They have to make sure that it is something that they have to register for, as it is still under the umbrella of the sex offense.

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