Traffic Laws and Laws Enforcement in Alexandria, Virginia Traffic Management

The 18th judicial district of the Commonwealth Virginia that is Alexandria is a small independent city in the proximity of other metro cities like Arlington, Maryland and Washington DC. The being in this state the Alexandria, VA faces many traffic-related challenges at the major intersections with the neighborhoods and at highways. Therefore the City Council along with other state authorities and regional, local agencies and City departments have introduced a plan called Transportation Master Plan under the Transportation Planning Division. The Division focuses on the development of inventive parking areas and other facilities related to transport to provide a secure environment to people of Alexandria, VA on the roads. In addition, the City Council has also initiated Transport Management Plan (TMP) which focuses on the travel lifestyle of the people of Alexandria and encourages to reduce single occupancies of the vehicle and rather travel by walk and sharing rides.

Traffic Laws focusing Reckless Driving in Alexandria, VA

Laws especially traffic laws and their offense carry different court procedurals in different jurisdictions of the Commonwealth Virginia. The legal procedure to defend the charge of the offense like reckless driving may vary significantly in Fairfax County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, VA. The City of Alexandria, Virginia, Code of Ordinances, TITLE 10 – Motor Vehicles and Traffic Chapter 1’ Article A focuses on the general provision for the operation of vehicles whilst the Article B specifically defines the laws and penalties for the offenses like reckless driving and over speeding.

Reckless driving charge is considered as of class one misdemeanor that means a charge more severe than just careless driving and therefore can result up to a fine of $2,500 and a one year jail. In Alexandria, VA the person is charged with reckless driving under the code § 46.2-852 of Virginia which states “Irrespective of the maximum speeds permitted by law, any person who drives a vehicle on any highway recklessly or at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person shall be guilty of reckless driving”. Whereas the manager of the City of Alexandria has the authority to change speed limits under the Sec. 10-3-30, the Code § 46.2-862 of Virginia sets the speed limits criteria for reckless driving in general for the State:

  • The conviction of reckless driving is effective when the driver exceeds 20 miles per hour than the posted limit.
  • Or the driver exceeds 80 miles per hour regardless of the displayed speed limit.

Reckless driving can cause serious problems like difficulty in getting a security clearance plus six-points on your DMV record remains for 11 years. One of the many the prejudicial effects is the possibility of suspension of driving license for six or more months.