Steps to do after getting a Reckless Driving Ticket in Virginia

If you already got a reckless driving ticket in Virginia then you have landed on the right page. This article will guide you on how to outdo and evade your reckless driving charges in Virginia. According to section 46.2-852 of Virginia law, reckless driving is an act of driving any sort of vehicle on highway in a reckless manner, which could endanger any living being or any property. Even though reckless driving should be dealt with traffic laws, however, it is considered as a criminal offense due to its overall impact on the society.

Understanding Reckless Driving

Reckless driving charges are very strict in Virginia therefore it is important for a person to understand every minor cause and detail of reckless driving ticket. Virginia is very strict with its traffic laws that if a traffic police officer caught you in an extreme reckless driving case he may even charge you for a criminal offense and you might end up in jail. Here are few extreme cases where an officer can arrest you:

  1. If your vehicle’s break are faulty or not adjusted properly
  2. If you are driving a vehicle which is overloaded and block the view
  3. If you are caught driving on one lane road next to another vehicle.
  4. When you miss to give proper indications.
  5. Missing out the speed limits and driving too fast
  6. Speeding even after knowing the current traffic conditions
  7. When you are Endangering a person’s life due to your reckless driving
  8. When you are Endangering any living thing due to your reckless driving
  9. When you are Endangering anyone’s personal or public property due to your reckless driving
  10. Racing on roads constructed for public is  automatically considered a criminal offense
  11. Burning wheels or depicting any stunts on the road is also prohibited
  12. Driving on railroad crossing
  13. Driving on highway intersection

Unfortunately, if you already got a reckless driving ticket you need to follow the following steps to mitigate its penalties.

Take a look at you ticket carefully: Keen attention

The most important step to mitigate the reckless driving charges is to pay keen attention at the time the police officer is handing you the ticket. It is important to understand that reckless driving is different from speeding and so are their penalties. Thus it important to devour keen attention and note down every detail right when the police officer is giving you the ticket or soon after he gave you the ticket. This set of information would help you and your reckless driving attorney in fighting your case.

Get the help of an experienced reckless driving lawyer

One of the most important step of fighting any criminal defense is to take the help of professional and experienced attorney. The Attorney would help you in beating the reckless driving ticket throughout your case.

Getting a transcript of your driving history

Your driving history record is one of the most important document which could help while fighting your case in Virginia court. The driver can get this transcript from Virginia DMV. However according to Virginia law, if you reside in any other state and you commit a reckless driving offense in Virginia you will still be charged for Reckless driving.

Enroll yourself in a driving course before the trial

Another way to mitigate or reduce reckless driving in Virginia charges is that you can enroll yourself in a driving course and complete that course before your trial. This would help your attorney in negotiating with the judges.