Prince William Reckless Driving Lawyers

No matter you are a beginner or a professional driver, the laws of reckless driving in Prince William Virginia remains the same and is applicable on you if you ever found in the inappropriate or dangerous driving behaviors. This is because the Virginia laws are aimed to protect the life and property of the driver and the other people too. But what to do when you have been charged with the reckless driving penalties? The first thing that you should consider is to consult a Prince William reckless driving lawyer.

You might be thinking that just fulfilling the penalty of reckless driving; you can get rid of the case without hiring a Prince William reckless driving lawyer. However, this is not the case! There are a lot minute legal underpinnings that you can never understand without discussing and core guidance of an expert Prince William reckless driving lawyer.

Consequences of Reckless Driving

First of all, you must know what penalties or punishments you can be charged within reckless driving case. You might be surprised that reckless driving offender is categorized as Class 1 misdemeanor according to a reckless driving section of Virginia code. It means that the offender is punishable by one to 12 months of imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,500. Moreover, your license can also be suspended for 10 days to six months along with the increase in DMV points and insurance rate.

Role of Prince William Reckless Driving Lawyer.

Although you have to face the outcomes of the reckless driving charges but consulting an experienced lawyer can result in minimizing the penalties and negligible effect on the DMV Points and insurance rates. Besides minimizing the penalty, consulting a Prince William reckless driving lawyer you can also enjoy the following benefits.

  • Your Prince William reckless driving lawyer will play an effective role in gathering the evidence and witnesses that go in favor of your defense.
  • The lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to carry out positive results or out of court settlements.
  • The probability of imprisonment depends on multiple factors like driving record, driving behavior, license history, etc. Considering and highlighting these factors, your Prince William reckless driving lawyer can make your case flexible and lesser serious.
  • In case of serious reckless driving charges, your lawyer can guide or prepare you to face the legal consequences and penalties.
  • Your lawyer can also help you in preparing for the court session and to make your case stable through some tips. For example calibration of speedometer can be done to argue in the court that your speedometer was not working properly due to which you didn’t realize your actual speed. However, this is not legal and appreciated practice but to minimize the charges, your lawyer can suggest these type of practices.
  • Reviewing the case and the potential outcomes, the lawyer, can also suggest you some actions through which you can lower the severity of the case or can show your commitment not to repeat the mistake in the court. For example, you can take admission in driving school to show the court that you accept the mistake and felt guilty on your reckless driving offense, this could result in minimizing the penalty.