Petit Larceny First Time Offense

Larceny is considered as a theft crime. It generally refers to the stealing of someone’s property or a crime to be involved in taking someone’s property with an unauthorized act. There is two type of larceny according to the US judicial systems, which are grand larceny and petit larceny. Grand larceny is defined as, stealing someone’s property having a value of above-specified amount. While on the other hand petit larceny is defined as a type of larceny, in which a person steals the property of another person. In petit larceny, the value of the theft property is generally less than $50. As petit larceny is considered as theft crime, the accused can face serious charges. These charges vary between petit larceny first-time offenses, second-time offense and so on. Petit larceny is charged with class 1 misdemeanor. The prosecutor must provide sufficient evidence to prove that someone is convicted of petit larceny. The prosecutor should prove that:

  • The accused took and carried away the property belonging to someone else
  • The property taken was against the consent of the owner of that property
  • The property was taken with the intention to sell it
  • The property taken had some value

These factors are difficult to prove that someone is convicted of petit larceny first-time offense.

Consequences of the Conviction:

The accused who is convicted of petit larceny is charged with class 1 misdemeanor. This means that he or she is likely to receive a minimum sentence. A person who has committed petit larceny can be charged with up to 12 months in jail and a very low fine ranging from $2,500. The offender of petit larceny first time offense is more likely to face a fine or suspended sentence. Nevertheless, one who is convicted of larceny before might receive a charge of jail time. Conviction of petit larceny can also influence the life of the accused. The personal relationship of the accused is disturbed. The conviction of petit larceny can also disqualify the offender from their job because most of the recruiters check the background of their employee before hiring.

Defenses for Petit Larceny:

Facing charges against petit larceny first time offense can be a scary experience. One who is charged with such crime must know how to defend him/herself against the allegations. They should have the knowledge of legislation regarding petit larceny. They should be aware of what to do, where to go, what to say, etc. according to the different situations of the case. It is very difficult for an individual to understand these complexities as he/she is already going through a stressful condition. A petit larceny first time offense lawyer can help such people by legally assisting them. They can give the best possible answer to each question that their clients want to ask about the case. They can help to reduce or expunge the penalties that are charged to their clients. They strategically plan a defense process to fight against the allegations charged on the person who has hired them. The possible defense tools that they can use include the consent, entrapment, intoxication, etc.