DWI Lawyer in Fairfax

Facing a DWI charge is a very scary experience. You likely may not have an idea of what to expect or what to do next. DWI Lawyer in Fairfax can understand that you have many questions and concerns such as losing your license and freedom. If you are charged for a DWI offense in Fairfax, you must immediately consult with a DWI lawyer who can address your all such concerns and will let you know what he/she can offer to provide you with a chance of dismissal of your charge of DWI or reduction in the penalties. When you are faced with a DWI charge in Fairfax, it is crucial to hire a DWI lawyer in Fairfax who has the experience and drive to aggressively defend you.

A considerable amount of analysis and evidence evaluation go into creating an effective DWI defense. However, the prosecution endures the liability of substantiating its claim, and an experienced and knowledgeable DWI Lawyer in Fairfax has many options for an effective defense strategy. A patrol officer in Fairfax must have reasonable suspicion of illicit action to make a traffic stop. Mostly, a patrol officer will base this suspicion if they observe you taking abrupt turns, weaving, tailgating, drifting into other lanes, straddling the centerline or running a stop sign or red light. But even after pulling over, the patrol officer must have probable cause to consider that you are driving while intoxicated so that they can arrest you. A patrol officer usually attempt to establish this through field sobriety tests. You must remember that these tests are voluntary, and you are not obligated to perform them. This includes walking in a straight line, hopping on one foot or blowing into a small breath test machine. If you are arrested, police will likely take you to the jail, where you will have to take a formal breath or blood test. Denying to take this test will lead to an additional charge. However, it is important to remember that if the test results in a BAC level of above 0.15, it will result in a mandatory jail sentence of 5 – 10 days based on the BAC level. The penalty of refusal may not be this severe with the help of a DWI Lawyer in Fairfax.