Buying & Selling Commercial Property in Alexandria Virginia

If you are considering buying or selling commercial property in Northern Virginia you must give strong thought to Alexandria. The commercial property in Alexandria delivers a wide range of properties and prices and has complete facilities of a world class city. Alexandria is just a little mile away from Washington D.C. the Pentagon and Crystal City. The rental rates are quite lower with all facilities and Metro rail access are the reason for its attractiveness for most of the association, contractors, consultant and creative firms. Alexandria is a flourishing community, and if you’re ready for buying and selling commercial property in Alexandria Virginia, you need the help of the experts.

Finding a commercial property in Virginia is not a simple task and it is important to know what you are looking for and how to exchange a contract which will be acknowledged. The commercial properties in Alexandria, Virginia has a broad range of prices and sizes. From small work space to large industrial warehouses, you can find all of this in this lively independent city with 150,000 people. The architectural structures are quite attractive and varied from historic brick building to new modern glass and steel structures. Alexandria has a very good reputation with respect to shopping dining and entertainment.

When it comes to buying or selling commercial property in Alexandria, Virginia we are the experts and can help you in finding the right listing. We totally recognize the method of buying and selling commercial property in Alexandria, Virginia and we have outstanding influences in the industry which can help us to find a perfect place, building and price. We resolve arguments, protect the welfares of property owners, and enable transactions. Through Northern Virginia, clients come to us for effective representation in legal matters.

Alexandria has over 6,000 flourishing businesses and organizations and over 22 million (Sq. ft.) office space and 11 million (Sq. ft.) retail space. It is perhaps best recognized for the momentous waterside which the restaurants and office space oversee Potomac River.

Some of the services related to commercial real estate includes:

  • Purchasing commercial property
  • Selling the commercial property
  • Leasing and handling
  • Assessing commercial real estate
  • Attractive commercial real estate taxes
  • Handling commercial investment properties
  • Providing support for commercial real estate lawsuit

Alexandria VA Commercial Real Estate Market Statistics

  • 22 million (Sq. ft.) office space
  • 11 million (Sq. ft.) of marketing space
  • 6,000 businesses
  • 3.3 million Tourists